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We provide materials for:

  • PCB drills, PCB routers, milling of special materials, PCB cutting, PCB contouring, scoring saws for PCB, PCB depanelling, cutting discs for PCB depanelling

  • cleaning in SMD production, cleaning of SMD stencils, undersite cleaning, board cleaners, maintenance cleaning of SMD ovens, condensate traps and solder frames

  • casting compounds, polyurethane casting compounds, epoxy casting compounds, silicone casting compounds, casting compounds for optoelectronics, casting compounds for transformers

  • base and special laminates for PCB production

  • coating of printed circuit boards, printed circuit lacquers, repairable PCB lacquers, quick drying PCB varnishes,  thick layer PCB varnishes, PCB spray varnishes

  • thermally conductive adhesives, electrically conductive adhesives, UV curable adhesives, epoxy adhesives, adhesives for optoelectronics


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