INTERCONTI  Ing. Tomáš Bravený s.r.o.                  

Office and stock:                                      
Areál výstaviště - BVV - 9. brána                   
Bauerova 10, kancelářská budova H-105      
647 00  BRNO       
Czech Republic

Postal address:                                      
Ulrychova 54                   
624 00 BRNO       
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 541 222 637
GSM: +420 739 237 833
Skype: interconti

Company ID: 282 79 263
VAT reg. No.: CZ282 79 263
Entered into the Commercial Register: the City Court in Brno, in Section C, Insert No. 58066.


Komerční banka: 107- 1510790297/0100
Fio banka: 2800205484/2010


How you can find us?

Office – our office is located in the area of Trade Fairs Brno (BVV). You have to go through 9. gate, then approx. 15m on the left side is our small building H-105.
GPS: 49°11'21.778"N, 16°34'12.436"E

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Opening hours
Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 17:00
Outside office hours call +420_739_237_833.

Office - sour office is located in the area of Trade Fairs Brno (BVV).
GPS: 49°11'21.778"N, 16°34'12.436"E