INTERCONTI Ing. Tomas Braveny Ltd.
Your supplier of materials for PCB production


We offer a wide range of products for the manufacture of printed circuit boards and electrical engineering. We are able to deliver all materials to your exact requirements.

Commercially available materials: all Tg, ML and special base materials, IMS, flexible materials, tools for mechanical machining (drills, rouiters, scoring and depaneling blades), photo imaging materials (films, photoresists, solder masks). All chemicals for PCB production, solders, and many others.

Another important group in our portfolio are polymeric materials - coating varnishes, casting compounds, sealants and adhesives.

Cleaning chemicals for all purposes (before and after all processes of manufacturing PCB, stencils, ovens, screenprint, frames…).

We are able to arrange your purchase of new machinery and instruments as well as used equipment.

All the above products, we provide service and expert advice.

Three reasons why to choose INTERCONTI :

BVV Brno
We offer quality products from world class manufactures.

BVV Brno
Thanks to our many years of experience we are able to offer expert advice and service at every stage of our cooperation.

BVV Brno
Our warehouse space in Brno provides great flexibility in the supply of goods.